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Our products combine craftsmanship and advanced production technologies. We scientifically select the best raw materials on the market making use of collaborations with world-class companies. Our soles are therefore the result of innovative and often inimitable ideas.

We internally have an advanced department for the assembly of soles composed of various types of materials in order to satisfy every creative request from the most important Maisons in the world.

Our laboratory is equipped with the latest machinery for any type of analysis and product testing.

We supply polyurethane systems and on-site assistance all over the world to companies that need our formulations. We were born in one of the most beautiful countries in the world and we live in one of the most beautiful regions of Italy: we have a natural propensity for beauty combined with an infinite passion for our work.

The corporate center of mondialsuole group

We want to be an innovative company capable of controlling the main technologies underlying the best products to offer to leading companies in the world of footwear. We want to impress customers with quality and service, working quickly and efficiently to satisfy their requests and creative needs. We are particularly concerned with the environmental sustainability of our processes and our products are increasingly “green” and eco-compatible.

mondial suole

Mondial Suole is a leader in the polyurethane soles market and has an advanced department for the assembly of soles composed of various types of materials to satisfy every request of the most important brands in the world. The Mondial Suole product testing laboratory is available to all the companies of the group. It contains the latest machinery for each type of analysis.

mondial due

It uses advanced injection molding technology for the production of rubber soles, internally formulating various types of ad-hoc compounds for each item. Attention to quality and attention to detail allow it to supply even the most prestigious luxury brands in the world while ensuring a large production capacity.

mondial plast

Specialized in the production of TR outsoles, systematically revised in terms of style and use of innovative and eco-compatible materials. Over time, this specialization has made it possible to offer the market a finished product, represented by summer and swimming pool slippers. The market offer is completed with latest generation EVA, TPU and PVC foam products, free of harmful plasticizers.

mondial rom

Located in Romania and dedicated to the production of TR and rubber soles.

products made with innovative materials and technologies

for a made in Italy quality


Since its inception, the company has had a formulation plant for the "in-house" production of polyurethane.
Over time, the polyurethane formulation process has constantly improved, allowing us to generate “Taylor made” raw materials, as per the specific needs of the customer.


Mondial Suole's single and two-colour rubber soles use an advanced injection moulding technology. Thanks to our experienced technicians, we study different types of specific compounds for each article, guaranteeing a customization of the product and a high quality and attention to detail.


EVA, or Ethyl Vinyl Acetate, is the lightest of all materials used in the creation of soles. The ratio between the different components added to the mixture determines its performance characteristics, represented by extreme lightness, flexibility and an excellent level of shock absorption for the creation of targeted and exclusive articles.


TPU, or thermoplastic polyurethane, is composed of polyurethane elastomers that at certain temperatures have the elastic characteristics of rubber. This type of material is used for the production of soles that require a specific formulation based on the type of use of the final product, such as sports and work footwear.


The main component of thermo-plastic rubbers is styrene-butadiene-styrene to which other elements are added. This type of material makes it possible to create soles that have high resistance to cold and excellent flexibility at even very low temperatures, ideal for the production of winter footwear.


green projects

Plastic is one of the most used materials in the world, also in the footwear sector, and at the same time it is one of the most complex to recycle. We, at Mondialsuole, have always been attentive to environmental issues, we thought it was important to do our part, presenting a line of soles produced with recycled materials. Through a process of devulcanization, we recover production waste and combine it in varying percentages (from 20% to 30%) to the rubber, giving rise to a new compound. Production waste is thus reintroduced into the production cycle, significantly reducing its impact on the environment.