The complete product offering of mondialsuole group

We are the leaders in the shoe soles sector; our products have a high quality. The most modern production technologies are combined with an artisan care of the product. We scientifically select the best raw materials on the market making use of collaborations with world-class industries. Our products are therefore the result of innovative ideas, often inimitable, despite being very widespread. We were born in one of the most beautiful countries in the world and we live in one of the most beautiful regions of Italy: we have a natural propensity for beauty combined with an infinite passion for our work.

men outsoles

Mondialsuole men's soles line boasts a wide catalog and includes different styles: from the most classic and elegant to the outdoor and sporty.

women outsoles

Mondialsuole's line of soles for women includes a wide range of products for different types of footwear: from sandals to sneakers, from wedges to moccasins.

finished products